How do I install the downloaded driver and update the old one?


Most of the drivers from the manufacturer supplied in ZIP archives. The first thing you have to do - is to unzip the file that you received from Carambis Driver Updater in a folder (preferably create a new folder on drive C). If the downloaded file has the extension .exe - this means that the file is a self-executable, and there is no need to unpack it to a folder.Simply click on the file containing the driver and install it following the instructions.

Follow this steps to install the driver from the folder where you unzipped it :

  1. Right-click on Mu computer;
  2. Select Properties;
  3. Click on the Hardware tab and then on Device Manager;
  4. Choose device you need from the list of emerging and then select Properties;
  5. Select  Update Driver;
  6. The system prompts you to select a folder with the driver which you unzipped;
  7. Specify the folder where you unzipped the driver;
  8. Wait for the installation ends and reboot system.
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