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  • Driver Updater – a useful little tool that keeps an eye on your drivers and makes sure they are 100% up-to-date

    Outdated drivers may be the key reason of overall system instability or degraded performance. In addition to speed, newer drivers usually bring better compatibility with applications, the OS itself and various third-party technologies. If you are not a computer enthusiast that knows the version of each driver in the system by heart, but want to keep your PC in good shape, we recommend using Driver Updater, a convenient system utility that will help you find the most relevant and up-to-date drivers for all of your hardware and peripherals.

    ***Driver Updater is an exceptionally powerful tool that automatically searches for missing or outdated drivers in a database of 230,000 devices from over 1000 manufacturers.*** The initial system analysis phase lasts just a few minutes, and the overall duration of the update process depends primarily on the number of drivers being updated and their size, as well as the speed of your Internet connection. The program features an intuitive interface that even users with zero experience will have no problems getting used to. Driver Updater works with hardware produced by all major manufacturers, supports all major versions of Windows and has very modern system requirements. The program makes sure that the drivers it downloads are 100% valid, malware-free and up-to-date.

    Driver Updater is a perfect solution for non-professionals looking for a way to keep their systems optimized and running at full speed – and they don’t need to spend a minute looking for the necessary drivers!

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  • No computer can work without drivers, even if we are talking about Windows, Linux or Mac. Every operating system needs its own drivers. Fortunately, Windows has a feature for automatically detecting devices and installing drivers using its large database or by downloading them from Windows Update. But in case you have an older PC or laptop, then this feature won't work for you. This is because newer versions of Windows don't include drivers for older devices. But using Carambis Driver Updater, you can fix this problem.

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