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Influence of the version of drivers on productivity in games 11 Nov 2014


The largest producers of the videocards AMD and Nvidia, update lines of videocards at least once a year.  Now, every second user of the personal computer - the potontsealny fan of computer games.  But not every second can update the videocards of times a year, then it is possible to resort to updating of drivers which in certain cases give productivity gain to 20%, and it not a limit.  Remember that occurs when drivers on the videocard aren't installed?  In that case we at all don't learn videocard model.  And if there are drivers 2-3 summer prescription, it causes a mistake at start of recently left game. 

Let's consider efficiency of updating of drivers on an example for graphic GeForce 400/500/600/700 devices.

Advantage of the driver of the GeForce R326 version over the GeForce 320.49 version consists that productivity in computer games was increased by 19 - 25%.